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Hub One half speed WiFi issue

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Hub One half speed WiFi issue

Problems with this the last few days but been solid before hand for many months, I have only 3 devices connected to it at the most and hasn’t affected the speed very much but something has gone wrong suddenly. It’s not the best router in the world it’s been ok since I got it since moving to fibre.


3 times so far this week I’ve had to reset it or remove all the connected devices to get the speed back to normal for wireless connectivity, the Ethernet connection I have no issues with and solid as a rock, nothing has changed, no wiring, the hub hasn’t been moved, I have tried channel changes but no difference as the issue goes back to square one. I wonder if it’s the hub itself.


The speeds are ridiculous.. 36mb down 7mb up or even as low as 2mb, that isn’t right as I can’t get a proper connection data push through. I get more hanging sometimes than what’s put on the washing line.

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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Hub One half speed WiFi issue

Hi @nigel1971 


There are a large number of potential reasons for slow speeds and sometimes these are difficult to track down.


As you state that the Wired connections are solid, it's likely the problem lies between your router and your devices - which we don't have visibility of.


Unfortunately due to the way WiFi works there are a lot of environmental factors which can affect the wireless signal.


Are you aware if there has been any changes in your immediate surroundings, eg. have you recently had new people move in next door, have you bought any new electronics etc? 


Looking at the age of your router, it's very unlikely to be a router issue causing this - though we will keep that idea on the back burner just in case. 


You say you have tried changes channels - which have you got the 2.4 & 5 Ghz frequencies set to at the moment? 




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Re: Hub One half speed WiFi issue

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Re: Hub One half speed WiFi issue

The 2.4ghz is on Channel 11...5ghz set on Automatic (Smart Wireless) showing Channel 48.

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Re: Hub One half speed WiFi issue

Hi @nigel1971,

Thank you for confirming the channels you are currently using.

If you are using a windows desktop or laptop, please press the windows key + R then type cmd and click OK.

In the command console type netsh wlan show all and hit enter, one section will display Show Networks Mode =BSSID which provides you with the channels in use by other routers in your area.

You can then select a channel in the router settings that is not as used or has less usage than other routers in your area. Once complete, please monitor the issue for reoccurring.

An alternative to using the command console is to download a free wifi analyzer on an Android or Apple device.

Let us know how you get on.

Thank you.

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