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Hub One firmware update request

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Hub One firmware update request

I have a frequent DSL dropout problem. I have read in other threads that a software update on the Hub one "can" cure this.

I bought a second hand Hub One with the same firmware version as Newbie and did a factory reset (twice now) but am puzzled by the official instructions that do not include inputting ones Broadband username and password. The modem connects to DSL with the default setup@plusnet user. If one then goes to settings> broad band it says you are already connected to the internet (you are not) you need do nothing more, whereas it doea not connect to teh internet until one overwrite the default user/pwd with one's own.   Now I suspect that the the auto config is based upon a plusnet only account whereas I am on Force9.  

I note several CWMP/TR069 (or TR69) failures "cannot resolve host"  So in this condition is is possible to push the software update to  me please.

There is an outstanding open question 192779735 on my problem. I do not think a repeat engineer visit is the answer, thus hopes the software update may be!

I would include the modem log but can only show a screenshot, there does not appear to  be a way of downloading or saving it on the HubOne.

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Re: Hub One firmware update request

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Re: Hub One firmware update request

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