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Hub One - compatability with Vectoring?

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Hub One - compatability with Vectoring?


A  post over at the  thinkbroadband forums reports that an Openreach tech deduced that a Hub One was frequently loosing synch due to vectoring on the line.

I thought I would post this here in case there is a genuine issue with hub ones and vectoring which maybe unknown to PN.





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Re: Hub One - compatability with Vectoring?

My reading of the attachment is that the resync takes 5 minutes because vectoring is enabled. It doesn't say to me that vectoring is causing the drops.

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Re: Hub One - compatability with Vectoring?

That was my post and either you've misunderstood or I explained what the engineer said badly. He said that vectoring is enabled on my cabinet and one of the things that happens as a result is that a re-sync takes a little longer after a disconnection. That was after I had said to him that it was taking anything up to 6 or 7 minutes to re-establish my internet connection each time.


A few weeks ago, I was getting multiple disconnections every day. The engineer replaced my master socket and removed and replaced an old screw down joint box on my drop wire where it is attached to the house. The rest of my line checked out OK.


I have now bought my own modem/router (a Fritz!Box 7530) and the disconnections have stopped. My sync and PPP session have been live for 2days, 15hours and 32minutes as I type. For the first few days the router was pre-emptively dropping the PPP session every morning between 03:00 and 04:00hrs and that seemed to be a default setting. Re-connection took no more than two seconds but it appears to have been unnecessary because I've switched that off to no obvious ill effect. I'm no longer having constant disconnections so I have been able to set up a TBB BQM without having to edit my IP every day.


The answer to my problems as far as I can see has been getting rid of the Plusnet Hub One.