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Hub One - Wifi VPN Troubleshooting

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Registered: ‎08-03-2013

Hub One - Wifi VPN Troubleshooting

I'm getting an odd problem when using my work VPN on my work laptop over wifi and could do with some help troubleshooting the problem.

The symptoms are that I can connect OK to both wifi & VPN and for a while the connection is fine, but over time and particularly if I place a reasonable demand on it (like syncing an email with an attachment or browsing outside the intranet), the VPN drops out or slows to a crawl.  Wifi connection seems to be consistent throughout this period.  If I disconnect from the wifi network and reconnect it usually works OK again for a short time, then goes through the same symptoms.

It works absolutely fine over a wired connection and wifi seems to work fine when not using the VPN connection using the same device.

The only change to the hub one configuration I've done since it arrived a few weeks ago is to rename the 5g wifi SSID (my work laptop connects to the 2.4g).

My previous 5+ year old PlusNet Thomson TH585v7 ADSL router used up until a few weeks ago worked fine.

I'm using a Cisco VPN client integrated into a company custom version of iPass on a Windows 7 laptop.

Obviously not a huge problem as it works on wired connection, but any ideas how I could troubleshoot where the issue is?

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Re: Hub One - Wifi VPN Troubleshooting

I have what looks like the same issue. I was fine with my old Technicolour Router with the same equipment. i Switched over to the Hub type router and now VPN runs for anything between 5 minutes up to an hour before VPN freezes. Disconnecting and re-connecting fixes the issue, but I lose all of my sessions. Very frustrating.

Whilst its not working, the systray connection shows internet access to the router but no internet acces for VPN --> this has to make sense to someone!

I will try the hard wired option.

Looks like a router or router settings issue


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Registered: ‎08-03-2013

Re: Hub One - Wifi VPN Troubleshooting

I've got a bit further...


I had a spare NetGear 4-port ADSL router that I logged into and made some config changes:

- Turned DHCP off in the configuration settings

- Gave it an IP address outside the Hub One range (for me I think it was range -, so I left the NetGear as default

- Set the default gateway IP address to that of the Hub One router, (for me

I then connected the NetGear router to the Hub One via an Ethernet cable (plugged into network port 1 on each device).  Connected to the NetGear router on my work laptop over wifi, setup the work VPN connection and now it's working perfectly.

I think I probably could have used my old PlusNet supplied ADSL router to do the same thing.

So it seems that something in the Hub One wifi configuration was causing my VPN issues.

A bit of internet searching has found similar issues with the BT HomeHub 5a depending on the firmware (which I believe the PlusNet Hub One is a variant of).