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Hub One Vs Smart Hub 6

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Hub One Vs Smart Hub 6

So having updated the Hub One due to the 5GHz WiFi issues, we were still getting some drop outs so I finally gave in and got a second hand Smart Hub 6. To make the transition easy I just renamed the SSID to that of the original Hub One and all devices seemed to be happy to use it (from the XBox, to phones and my wife's work laptop).

However my laptop, whilst it connected to my work's VPN via Cisco AnyConnect, it refused to do anything, the web browser indicated it had no DNS. My wife's laptop also has AnyConnect but she's on a different VPN.

I tried turning on port clamping and putting the laptop in the DMZ but with no luck. Is there anything I might be missing? My work's IT contract doesn't cover home routers even though it seems to be something at their end, they just said to contact the ISP.
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Re: Hub One Vs Smart Hub 6

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Re: Hub One Vs Smart Hub 6


Did you do a factory reset keeping the switch closed for the specified time before setting it up?

All that I can suggest is that you go through the process again.

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