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Hub One - Port Forwarding.... What am I dong wrong?

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Hub One - Port Forwarding.... What am I dong wrong?

Hi all,


Just today receieved my Hub One router, I am a new customer. All this port forwarding worked nicely on my previous TalkTalk router, the only thing that's changed is my router and ISP..


I need to set up some port forwarding mapping, and have done what seemed logical, and have found many forum posts confirming what I have done to be logical, but alas, nothing gets through.


Firstly, I have a domain, which is for an http: website hosted from a Raspberry Pi Apache webserver at home. I run "ddclient" software on this raspberry Pi to update the DNS servers of external IP address changes.

You'd think selecting "HTTP Server (World Wide Web)" from the preset port mappings would be correct. I have tried this mapped to the IP address and also mapped to the MAC address of the Pi, no luck. So I then set up my own custom mapping rule (replicating the default http one), taking external port range 80 to 80 to internal port range 80 to 80 on the Pi's IP address and also MAC address. Still no joy. This was done using TCP.


So I move onto another server I run at home.. This time a PLEX media server. Plex uses port 32400, so again, I try to map external port range 32400 to 32400 to internal port range 32400 to 32400 on the IP address and then on the MAC address of this server, using TCP. Again, big failure. Note, this is not dependant on my DNS service working, as my website is.


Once these are working I'll be adding some custom ports for NAS drives, SSH, etc... but thought I'd sort the basics first.


I am using a VPN on my PC to check external access to my website.


Cheers, Scott.





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Re: Hub One - Port Forwarding.... What am I dong wrong?

Check your Plusnet port blocking at

Personally, I have it switched OFF.

Unless your web server contains sensitive material, I suggest you do the same as Linux behind a NAT'd router is extremely unlikely to have any problems, at all.

I would suggest you set up SSH to use a different port to 22 and ideally you wouldn't allow a passworded login on SSH.

An open port 22 just encourages the script kiddies to pester your router (and your Pi).

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Re: Hub One - Port Forwarding.... What am I dong wrong?

Hi thanks for the help,


Yes thanks, for SSH I've always used obscure ports... and for my https:// access to NAS boxes etc..


My security settings don't seem as advanced as in the screenshot you just shared, please see attached image from my router.


I'm a little uneasy about disabling the firewall (as I have personal / family stuff on my NAS), but did try setting it to "disabled" temporarily, it made no difference to my website or Plex, so I've put it back to Default and imagine the issue is elsewhere.


A friend of mine has one of these plusnet routers spare, as he's stuck with his old BT home hub (same internals anyway). I'm asking him if I can have it to try and use OpenWRT on it instead of the proprietary firmware as per: but this is a long term project, and doen'st fix this issue right now.





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Re: Hub One - Port Forwarding.... What am I dong wrong?

Have you tried accessing your servers via your currently assigned Plusnet IP rather than your domain name? The domain name is still pointing to a TalkTalk dynamic IP.

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Re: Hub One - Port Forwarding.... What am I dong wrong?

Hi, thanks for the tips.


I just tried accessing my site using the public IP address (found in the router), and this confirmed that port forwarding is not working.


Also it's strange that ddclient on my Raspberry Pi isn't updating the DNS records to the new plusnet public IP address, still the last known TalkTalk address is in the DNS servers.


It's not somehting daft is it, like the router needs power cycling after saving the port forwarding settings?? I'll just try that now. - EDIT: that didn't work...


Cheers, Scott

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Re: Hub One - Port Forwarding.... What am I dong wrong?


AAAHHH!! Cheesy

I realised that my CentOS PLEX server was set to look for for it's DNS server, which was the IP address used by all previous routers I've had on my network; For some reason, the Plusnet hub one ships set to!


I reset the plusnet router's IP address to and PLEX port forwarding now works!


And now my website is back online at !! Hoorah!


Nice that it was something simple!


However, I am going to go down the route of trying to set up another router with OpenWRT to gain more control over my data privacy.



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Re: Hub One - Port Forwarding.... What am I dong wrong?

I have just set up several IP cameras and have resolved how to set up port forwarding for access from outside home.  It took some trial and error, so hopefully this guide will avoid so much pain for you.

I can now access all the cameras from my phone over 3G/4G.

Plus Net - Hub One Router - How to set up port forwarding for IP Cameras
First allocate each camera with its own static IP address and port number on the camera.
Also make sure that your camera is referring to your router as the default gateway.

Access the Router on (default address)
Select: > Advanced Settings > log-in and 'continue to Advanced Settings'
> Firewall > Port Forwarding > 'Manage Games & Applications' > 'Add new game or application'
Enter as follows:
> Game/application name: Camera_2720 (or what name you choose, here I use the port number set on the camera, makes it easier to find later)
> Copy Existing game/application: select 'No'
> Protocol: 'Any'
> Port range: 2720 - 2720 (this example is the port number for one camera, no need to enter 'Translate To'. Each camera must have a different port no.)
Select 'Add' (only add one camera at a time!)
Select 'Apply'
You should then see your camera(s) in a list.
Repeat to add any further cameras.

Then go back by selecting :
> Port Forwarding
Then on the two dropdown lists:
> Game or application: (select Camera_2720, which should now appear in the list)
> Device: select 'User Defined IP Address' then enter the IP address that you have previously allocated on the camera (using the camera software, for example, I used:
> 'Add'
Repeat to add other cameras
Your cameras will then appear in a list with Application: Camera_2720 Device: 192.168.244

Cameras can then be accessed using your external IP address followed by the port no. (for example:  

I use 'LiveCamsPro' app on the iPhone/iPad and can use the external address anywhere, including at home.


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Re: Hub One - Port Forwarding.... What am I dong wrong?

Welcome to the forum @DASB, that's a belter of a 1st post!