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Hub One Event log

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Hub One Event log

Just looking at the event log on my newly set up Hub One (10th June). 

Appears (to me anyway) to be a 4th hand router because there were admin log ins in July (2019:?) ,April (2020?), November (2020?) and then me in June 2021! Is it normal for a router to be returned /reused this many times Huh

Presumably chances are not high of it lasting too long if it really has been used, on and off, for two years !!


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Re: Hub One Event log


It is more likely that the same user logged in 4 times. Thse devices should last much longer than 2 years, is free and comes with a 12 month guarantee.

I am however surprised that it hasn't been fully reset.

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Re: Hub One Event log


Thanks for getting in touch @davidj66. I'm sorry to hear it sounds like the router you received doesn't sound like it's been fully wiped and only done partially so. I can confirm that we do refurbish, wipe and reuse some routers that are returned to us. The router logs you're seeing however shouldn't impact the speeds or performance of the router. As @Baldrick1 pointed out our routers come with a 12 month warranty.
Should you have any issues with the router then please do let us know.