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Hub One 5GHz issue

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Hub One 5GHz issue

Hi all,

I appear to be suffering from the 5GHz / connection drop issue mentioned many times on here. Is there anything that can be done about it without buying new equipment such as a firmware update (currently on or am I doomed to my connection being dropped several times a day?

Ethernet connection to my TV is rock solid reliable and playing back at 4K resolutions so I'm fairly certain it is nothing broadband related.



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Re: Hub One 5GHz issue

Hi Doug,
I'm experiencing the same problems, if I get a response on my post I'll let you know.
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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Hub One 5GHz issue

Hey there @duggore,


I'm sorry you've had some trouble with the 5ghz frequency.  I suspect you may be affected by a known issue on our router where the 5GHz wireless band stops working. I'd recommend trying de-syncing the wireless bands and connecting all devices to the 2.4GHz band to see if that resovles the issue. I've included instructions on how to do this below and I'll also send an image to go along with this so you know what you're looking for.

1) In your browser go to
2) Hit Advanced Settings and enter your Hub admin password when prompted (unless you've changed it, you'll find the default password on the settings card)
3) Continue to Advanced Settings.
4) Tap on Wireless.
5) Choose 5GHz tab.
6) Change 'Sync with 2.4Ghz' to No.
7) Change the name of the 'Wireless SSID'
8) Save the changes.

Let us know if you're having issues making these changes as we can make them remotely for you with your permission to do so.


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Re: Hub One 5GHz issue

Thanks, it is one of the steps I've already put in place to try and fix the issue but unfortunately I live in an area where there are a lot of nearby routers on the 2.4Ghz band (24+) so would ideally not want to have to do that for all my devices particularly in a household of demanding 5 users!

Are there any other options available that can keep use of the 5Ghz band? I'm quite a technical user so I'm happy to try something out if there a something that may work but is a bit complex or is there a fix for the 5Ghz problem coming very soon?


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Community Gaffer
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Re: Hub One 5GHz issue

@MBailey8 & @douggore, I have just pushed an update to your routers that should help. You'll need to reboot them at your convenience to apply the update.

I'm going to ask the mods to lock this thread in favour of the one here.

Bob Pullen
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Re: Hub One 5GHz issue

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