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How to set up ASUS with Plusnet One as WiFi repeater

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How to set up ASUS with Plusnet One as WiFi repeater

Hi, Like most I am struggling to get my Plusnet One (PO) modem sending a Fibre Wifi signal further than a snails skid mark!

I have the PO plugged directly into an BT ADSL point from the line coming into our roof. WiFi on that floor is pretty good but being the attic room, not ideal. I have an iMac downstairs which can pick up WiFi, but again not that strong, on the lower floors I have a PS4 which struggles to show a signal over 200 kbps.

I have an ASUS NT66U which I want to plug into the PO and create a wifi repeater. I previously had 150Mb Virgin Fibre line going to their modem switched in modem  mode linked to the ASUS and could get a rock solid 150Mb over all three floors in wifi.

My question, is how do I link the ASUS to the PO and get up the ASUS set up screen and what do I need to put into the ASUS to pull the signal to the ASUS and distribute as a better wifi solution.


Before anyone asks, no I don't want to buy another ADSL router I can plug straight in, the ASUS cost me a lot of money and worked flawlessly with the Virgin line.

I have thought about buying separate wifi extenders, but if the weak wifi from the PO is the weak link perhaps this will not be best route.


3rd option, is that I go back to Virgin with my tail between my legs 😉

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Posts: 19
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Re: How to set up ASUS with Plusnet One as WiFi repeater

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Re: How to set up ASUS with Plusnet One as WiFi repeater

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Re: How to set up ASUS with Plusnet One as WiFi repeater

WiFi repeater is the wrong kind of terminology to be using, this is more of an access point scenario if you're going to be connecting it to the PN hub with a cable.

It should just be a case of making sure that the Asus router doesn't use the same management IP address as the PN hub (if it does, change it)
In the Asus settings I would make sure that WAN is disabled, DHCP server is disabled and that your wireless network has identical SSIDs and settings to the PN hub one.

Then just plug the cable into one of the network ports on the PN hub and the other end into the Asus (just into a regular port, not the WAN port)
That's probably enough to get it working, but you might have more luck searching for a "use Asus router as access point" type guide.
If you're lucky the router will have an "AP mode" setting which turns off DHCP etc for you.
On rereading your post it kind of sounds like you want to use it as a wireless bridge, which isn't something you want to do with an already [-Censored-] wireless signal...
If running network cable between the routers isn't an option, you could possibly look at using homeplugs to connect them.
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Re: How to set up ASUS with Plusnet One as WiFi repeater

Hi there,

Sorry to hear you're having problems with your wireless signal. Whilst I can't personally offer support on how to setup the Hub One as a repeater (if that's even possible), have you considered purchasing a powerline adapter with WiFi?

They generally tend to be pretty good at extending the WiFi signal.



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Re: How to set up ASUS with Plusnet One as WiFi repeater

It's pretty simple really if you want to use your Asus router for the wifi. I use my Asus dsl-n55u the same way.

Under the LAN option in the asus select the DHCP tab. Change the ip pool ending address to

In default gateway put the address of the hub one

Now, I use the Asus to do all the DHCP and wifi, so I disable DHCP and disable the wireless on the Hub one.

Then it's just a case of connecting both devices by the LAN ports.

As suggested though a better solution for wifi signal issues is to use both together and connect the asus to the hub one via a powerline adapter downstairs and put both on the same ssid.