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How to fix my terrible wifi signal for dummies

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How to fix my terrible wifi signal for dummies

First time posting here, I'll admit I don't know enough about this to understand the content of all of the previous similar posts. I think that's put me off posting before now.


I called Plusnet asking for help because my wifi drops out daily, I live in a standard small/medium 3 bed semi, and can only get decent wifi in the room where the router is. My daughters are in the bedrooms directly above and constantly remind me that the wifi is terrible. I have no signal in my bedroom or kitchen, or sometimes it says I do, but its like it teases me. I've got a slight signal but don't expect anything to load. In my office which is close to the router room, I'm dropping off video calls all the time.

Waiting on the phone is frustrating so I'm looking here for some patience and an idiot guide. The person I spoke to before said they would send me a step by step instruction guide on choosing a better channel in my router. I tried to get on board with this, but was eager to get the guide. It never came. 


I'm not a technophobe, and can follow instructions. But I have no knowledge on this subject and I would really appreciate any help.


Thanks Smiley


I thought by opting for the better service it would solve the problem but its the same.



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Re: How to fix my terrible wifi signal for dummies

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Re: How to fix my terrible wifi signal for dummies

Hi Roxynic,

Thank you for your message, and I am sorry to note the inconvenience.

So that I may assist you further, please private message me your account username.

Best Wishes

- Ken

 Ken Bryant
 Plusnet Help Team