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How do I request a router upgrade?

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How do I request a router upgrade?

Hello! I've been with plusnet for about 8 years I think now. When I first got set up with fibre broadband I was sent the BT openreach modem and a plusnet technicolor TG582n router as part of the setup. I've just upgraded to Unlimited Fibre Extra this evening to try to get a bit more of a speed boost now we're all working from home but I didn't see any options to upgrade the router setup or if I'd even need to in order to make the most of any speed boosts. I was wondering if with my recent contract upgrade I'd be eligible for a hardware upgrade but not sure if such an option exists or if it does where to find it!

Thanks in advance for any help!

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Re: How do I request a router upgrade?

Buy one yourself! At contract renewal time you can sometimes negotiate a "free" one.
Plenty of OPENREACH ones which are superior to PN's, and can be set up to work on PN.