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How do I get a new router

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How do I get a new router


How do I get a new plusnet router? Plus if I decide to buy one that isn't Plusnet, can someone recommend a good cheap one I can buy to replace the one I have got.



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Re: How do I get a new router

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Re: How do I get a new router


Plusnet will give you one for the cost of P&P if you renew your contract.

If you want a better router for very little more go onto an auction site such as EBay and buy a BT Smarthub 6. 

Setting instructions are here.

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Re: How do I get a new router

Bear in mind that The BT Smart Hubs will only work with BT or Plusnet. The  BT Smart Hub (hub6) however  is much better than the present router currently supplied by plusnet.

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Re: How do I get a new router

I bought a bt smart hub 2 from eBay last week for £40 Inc p&p, I'd recommend it, works great, as stated above will only work with plusnet and BT tho and make sure your password has no special characters in it just letters if you go that route.
Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: How do I get a new router

Hi @amsmith50, thanks for getting in touch.


I have provided further information on your options to get a new router here (just as it provides some account specific info).


Please do get back to us if you have any further queries.

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