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HomeHub5 (TypeB) DNS

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HomeHub5 (TypeB) DNS

The WiFi on my Plusnet Techinicolor Gateway box gave up the other night, the only options offered from support was change the channels which I'd done before phoning, I was hoping an alternative box might have been offered, all my wired devices were working fine and anything within 2 feet of the box worked fine on WiFi intermittently.


I looked on here for a solution and came across a few posts about success with the HomeHub5 which I ordered from eBay and setup without much hassle.


I want to change the DNS servers to Google DNS on the box, some of my devices such as Firesticks etc don't have the option to change the DNS like I can on my laptops etc. I've looked without success for a solution, as anybody successfully managed to change the DNS on their TypeB HomeHub5


Thank in advance



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Re: HomeHub5 (TypeB) DNS

Won't a Firestick work with any modem / router without having to change the DNS?

Amazon must sell millions of these with hundreds of different routers being used.

We've just got one, plugged it into the TV, pressed the WPS button & away it went.

We didn't need to change any settings.