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Home Hub One Stopped Working Completely

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Registered: ‎09-04-2020

Home Hub One Stopped Working Completely

Hi there,

I've had my Home Hub One router for ages with no issues, then the past few weeks it started to reboot itself, then started rebooting itself multiple times a day.

I thought this could have been related to the 5GHz issues people have been reporting, so I disabled the 5GHz band through the admin page.

This seamed to help for a day, but then it froze, didn't reboot itself this time so I rebooted it manually using the switch on the back, however the lights went out and never turned back on again. Ah Panic!

Checked the charger with a multi meter and switch at the back, both working and as expected.

I've ended up going back to the old Home Hub Zero + Open reach router we had from years gone by however we've lost the high speed 5GHz band.

Is there anyway to get a replacement Home Hub One for the faulty one?