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Hissing router

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Hissing router

after waiting for almost a month to set my router up, iv finally been able to do it this morning but now its making a hissing noise every few mins!?! Im guess this is not normal since iv not had it with any other router in the past...
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Re: Hissing router

@jadieb3  Welcome to the forum.

Sorry but it is 'normal' for the Plusnet Hub One to make this noise which Plusnet will only claim to be 'in limits', whatever these limits might be.

You can probably improve it by going into the advanced wireless settings an hobbling the performance by switching off the 5GHz band.

Do you have any other modem/routers from other ISPs? Some can be set to use with Plusnet. Many of us use a BT Smarthub 6 as they work better and are silent.


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