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Hg612 to router via powerline

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Hg612 to router via powerline


I have a question.. I've recently purchased an Amplifi HD setup (works great). Issue is that I may want to move the router to the centre of my house so the mesh points are most effective, I have the BT line coming into the top bedroom into the HG12 modem.

I was wondering if it's possible using a powerline to connect the WAN connection from the modem to the router downstairs.

Also if possible if two powerline networks can exist within the same circuit. Currently I have a powerline from the upstairs bedroom to my study room where a switch etc is located.
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Re: Hg612 to router via powerline


If you already have a pair then try it, it won't bite you if it doesn't work.

You can run two separate powerlines on the same mains cable as long as their passwords are different. Whether there will be any speed degradation is, as with all powerline networks, in the hands of the gods.

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