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Help with router settings please?

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Help with router settings please?


I asked this before but I don’t think I worded it well.

I was on BT Infinity but moved because of problems.

I was and still am using a netgear modem router.

On BT you just set up PPPOE always on, the username for everyone is and he password was bt.

On Plusnet the PPPOE username and password are the same as your login details on account page.

This to me to seems unsafe is there any way to change these two usernames and passwords? If someone hacks your router the have your username and password to get your details by logging in to

So does anyone know is there a way to have different PPPOE details and different account details?

Or even better is there a generic PPPOE login like BT has password bt,  ie, password pn?



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Re: Help with router settings please?

Easy answer is - NO

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Re: Help with router settings please?

The automatic setup, without using your username or password, would only work using a Plusnet router linked to your account I'm afraid.

Using your own router you'll need to authenticate with your username and password.
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