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Google Wifi PPOE Settings with only modem attached

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Google Wifi PPOE Settings with only modem attached

I have recently bought google wifi and I read a few articles on here about setting it up, but in my situation it hasn't helped.  The idea solution is to remove the current plusnet router and simply have the google wifi connected to the modem, however when I plug the google wifi directly into the modem I can't get it to connect.


I attempt to connect via PPOE using my plusnet email usename and password to login to my plusnet account online but both are rejected.  I have a feeling it's about setting the modem to bridge mode, but that still feels slightly wrong as surely the modem is not creating a network?


I want to only have 2 devices plugged in and not 3, google wifi and the plusnet fibre modem.  What steps and settings should I take?

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Re: Google Wifi PPOE Settings with only modem attached


Welcome to the forums.

You need to provide more details about the fibre modem you are using such as the make and model number which should be somewhere on the device so that assistance can be fore coming.

The settings for a PPPoE connection for Plusnet are given at

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