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Getting fed up with my internet

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Getting fed up with my internet

About 4-5 weeks ago our router had an issue where we were using it completely fine then all of a sudden it just cut off, went to look at our router and it had a red light and a red B. We tried everything possible to get the internet back on when there was nothing wrong in our area and in the end we were advised to press the reset button in the back of the router. Since then our wireless is non existent, we can only connect via a wired cable. 

We have constantly been ringing up plusnet and were getting absolutely no where to get it sorted out, we keep getting told its been flagged up as a fault, but yet we never get any kind of engineer come out. We keep tweeting and every single day we get the same automated tweet reply and its driving me mad! Change the wireless channel, reset the router, do this, do that. WE DO IT ALL and nothing is working. 

We've been given no kind of compensation in regards to our poor internet, we're losing money cause were working from home. And its also absolutely driving me up the wall that we only took out another 18 months contract with plusnet in february so now were stuck paying £29 a month for a service that doesn't work..


Any help from people who aren't bots are reading from scripts or copying and pasting the same [-Censored-] to me on twitter day in day out would be really appreciated. PLEASE im pulling my hair out.

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Re: Getting fed up with my internet

So you can connect via wired and everything is fine but wireless is not working ?

If so can you see the SSID for your router from the device ? If so what happens when you try and connect to it ?

What router are you using ? Is it a PlusNet Hub 1 ?

I would suggest forgetting the connection on your devices, connecting to the admin page for the router at and set the WiFi password to something new. Also split out the 2.4Ghz and 5GHz access points. Try connecting a fresh to these access points.
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Re: Getting fed up with my internet

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