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Fibre broadband keeps dropping out

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Fibre broadband keeps dropping out

My broadband/router is dropping out 4/5 times a week, sometimes orange B lights up on front of router but not always. Can this be looked into please as we need internet for childs zoom calls.
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Re: Fibre broadband keeps dropping out


The most likely cause is phone wiring inside your home.

It is mildly painful to do but Plusnet have a "broadband troubleshooter"

The end of this process is to try the router connected directly plugged into the "test socket" that you (probably) have in your BT socket.


I am the satisfied customer....
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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Fibre broadband keeps dropping out

Hi Leigh,


I appreciate your query and apologise for any issues with your connection.


I've run a full diagnostic test on your line and there does not appear to be any issues with your connection or speed. The orange 'b' can suggest an issue with authentication if accompanied by the router lights also going orange.


Please can you check the authentication details entered into the router and make sure they match your Member Centre information. Please also connect to your test socket as advised.


Thanks - LF