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Faulty Lan ports on Plusnet hub

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Faulty Lan ports on Plusnet hub



Seems to have a fault on one of my LAN ports on my Plus one hub router. No matter what lan cable I plug in it has no connections.


I have already changed to new Lan cables, all other 3 are fine apart from one.


My current  Software version ,, which was Last updated 30/08/17 ,, I believe a newer version 2018 is out,, will a new version fixed my issue Or can I get a replacement  hub.


I need to use all lan ports of my routers, if possible.




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Re: Faulty Lan ports on Plusnet hub

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Re: Faulty Lan ports on Plusnet hub

It sounds like a faulty router. If it's less than 12 months old Plusnet will replace it under warranty. If it's older then you may need to take out a new contract if you want a freebie.

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Re: Faulty Lan ports on Plusnet hub

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Re: Faulty Lan ports on Plusnet hub

Have you tried factory resetting the device using the pinhole at the rear?

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