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Ethernet connections not working

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Ethernet connections not working


Have searched but not found this issue, sorry if it is a repeat.

Have just moved from TalkTalk.  My setup has some devices connected to wifi and some via a TPLINK Powerline setup that provides wired connections in two rooms.  With my old router I had an ethernet cable from one of the yellow ports to the TPLink master which then distributed internet to the satellite plugs. 

I have mirrored this with the Plusnet Hub One router.  All of my TPLINK plugs show green lights (they were left on and are talking to each other), the TPLINK master is connected to a Plusnet yellow ethernet port (have tried all the ports) but neither the connected PC nor the PVR can see an internet connection.

Do I need to do something to the settings on the router, I expected this to work out of the box?


Help greatly appreciated....

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Re: Ethernet connections not working

you might need to restart all the plugs to get new IP addresses as it might be in a different range on the talktalk router.
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