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Devolo AC wifi repeater connection issues.

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Devolo AC wifi repeater connection issues.

Hi Everybody,


My first post here on the Plusnet forum.


Due to poor connection issues with my ipad, I invested in a Devolo wifi repeater AC.  This compliments the dlan500 system I have in place which has worked successfully for the last 2 years.   I am trying, unsuccessfully, to connect the Sagemcom 2704n to the Devolo repeater.   The repeater appears happy since I have multiple "illuminated steady white lights" showing.   However, when I try to get router and repeater to connect, via WPS configuration, the green LED on the router flashes for 2 minutes then goes out, as does the LED on the repeater.   The instructions for the repeater asks to press the WPS button for 5 seconds, but I can't find anything anywhere that tells me if I need to press the WPS button on the Sagemcon for a predetermined time.

I've tried the repeater in several different sockets, tried pressing the WPS button on the repeater first, then the Sagemcon and visa versa.   Even Devolo "Cockpit" won't show the repeater on the graphics.

I tried to set up my Netgear Nighthawk AC1900 router when I joined John Lewis/Plusnet Broadband but Plusnet helpdesk claimed that the Netgear unit "...isn't compatible with Plusnet..." hence why I'm using the Sagemcom 2704N.

So, Ladies and Gentlemen, any thoughts or suggestions?? (Please be nice with the suggestions...I'm a bit delicate at the moment.)



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Re: Devolo AC wifi repeater connection issues.

@LoinerPaul  Welcome to the Plusnet forum.

Reading between the lines I guess that you are a JL customer?

Whilst you cannot use your Nighthawk router in place of your 2704n modem/router you can use it’s far superior wireless performance. All that you need to do is configure it as an Access Point, see:

With respect to your Devolo units is it a powerline device with a wireless remote unit? If so it gets it’s data from the master unit, which should be connected via an Ethernet cable to the router. It is not connected to the router over a wireless link. The Devolo remote unit will transmit its own SSID and the WPS feature is there for you to connect your wireless devices, not the 2704.

If you try your Nighthawk as an Access Point you may find that you don’t need the Devolo units. 


I note that the above link does not connect directly. If you do a Google search for using AC1300 as an Access Point you will find it.

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