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Default Gateway Not Available

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Registered: ‎02-08-2020

Default Gateway Not Available

I've been with Plusnet since 2011 and moved to fibre in January 2018.  I have not had any problems until September 2019 when I lost connection to the internet however all the router lights were on and after running the troubleshooter, which fixed the problem, it told me the Default Gateway Not Available and that the fix is to 'reset the local area connection adapter'.   

Thinking this was a one off, it happened two months later and then in March year it started to happen several times a month and now it is a daily occurrence.  Running the troubleshooter always fixes it and it always reports the same issue; default gateway not available.   

I have changed the lease date to 21 days on the router but this makes no difference. 

I am working from home and fortunately my works laptop is unaffected.

Could someone help me to fix this permanently?