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Constantly Being Dropped on iPads and iPhones

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Constantly Being Dropped on iPads and iPhones

I recently moved from BT due to them having a known issue with Macintosh units and their router constantly dropping them. I stated this to the representative when signed up to Plusnet. You can imagine how pleased i was when i opened the router box to find another BT hub in there but just a different colour!


However the problem seems even worse now. I can be anywhere in the house including in front of the router, i log on to play a game or watch YouTube and i will have access for say 20 seconds to 5 minutes then it drops. I have to restart the application and go again. This can be very annoying if i am in the middle of the game. It is almost unusable now, and worse even that when i was with BT. Is the only option for me to spend my own money and buy a third party router? My young children obviously get very upset when they are doing something and they get dropped and frankly the angst levels in the house are not good.


I tried getting in touch with customer support but no matter what time i call i get wait times of 30 minutes, same on chat, and when i want to complain it says contact us! Thats currently impossible, so can anyone here please help me.

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Re: Constantly Being Dropped on iPads and iPhones

If you log into the hub and onto advanced wireless, untick the synk with 5Ghz channels, and add a 5 to the SSID of the 5Ghz channels, your Apple devices will work better. It seems the struggle in knowing which channels to use - the same applies to BT Hubs - its an easy and well known fix. 

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Re: Constantly Being Dropped on iPads and iPhones

Hi there. I'm sorry to hear you're having problems with your wireless connection.


I agree with Mustrum. Splitting the 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz networks apart is the first step and likely to resolve the issue.


Here's a quick guide to doing that:


1. Navigate to in your web browsers address bar
2. Click on Advanced Settings
3. Enter the admin password, which is on the card or the back of the router
4. Click on Continue to Advanced Settings
5. Click on Wireless
6. Click on 5 Ghz Wireless
7. Make sure Sync to 2.4 Ghz is set to No
8. Change the Wireless SSID to something different, for example add 5G
9. Click Apply


Please do let us know how it goes.

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Anoush Mortazavi
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Re: Constantly Being Dropped on iPads and iPhones

Thank you both for the answer. I am away for much of the time over the next few days but will have a crack at it soon. 


Your thoughts and advice most welcome