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Constant disconnect and reconnect on wireless

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Constant disconnect and reconnect on wireless

Hi, I am getting messages that the internet connection has disconnected and then it reconnects on my new Smart TV. This only happens when it is connected via wireless and not when I hardwire it using a cable. I have one of the old Thomson TG582NS routers on FTTC and I am not sure if it is this causing the problem? I can't seen any options I can change to resolve this and the router is in the same room as the TV and quite close. Any ideas? Thanks

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Re: Constant disconnect and reconnect on wireless

If you have not already done so, try manually setting the wifi channel number on the TG582n to ch. 1, 6 or 11.  If it does not resolve the issue, then only other suggestion is to substitute the TG582n with another router to help isolate where the problem lies.


If you are out of contract, you can get a new Hub One (rebadged BT Home Hub 5) for just cost of delivery if you speak to Customer Options team when renegotiating your contract.  

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