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Connection dropping - Gamer

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Connection dropping - Gamer

Our Broadband is fine on phones (mostly) and smart TV but on the playstation and gaming PC it drops completely as if the wifi doesn't exist.  Once it does it once in an evening it does it eery 10mins or so.  Quick google suggests an issue with the router . . . anyone else experienced this, will a new router fix the problem?

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Re: Connection dropping - Gamer

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Re: Connection dropping - Gamer

Welcome to the forums @SDavey


Do you have any devices that can connect via an ethernet connection? If so, are you able to connect via it to see if you have a similar issue? 

What that will do is it will help to determine whether it is a line issue or a wi-fi issue.

If it does turn out out to be a wi-fi issue, please look at the following page for further tips for better wi-fi

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