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Connected to router but no wifi

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Connected to router but no wifi

Hi, I've just moved into a student house that claimed to pay for Wi-Fi under bills. However, I have connected both my laptop and phone to the Wi-Fi using the password on the back of the modem but there is no internet. This also occurred when I plugged the Ethernet cable into my laptop.

Does this mean that my Wi-Fi has not been paid for? If it's not that, then any idea what the issue Is? It's plugged in and power, internet, broadband and Wi-Fi are all green- Wi-Fi flashes when i try to connect.
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Re: Connected to router but no wifi

Welcome to the forums, @Lucylucy9 . As you are in a 'student house' I'm guessing it is shared. If so, have you checked with your housemates if they can connect to the internet and receive a service?

I seems strange that even using an ethernet connection fails.

If you have no connection, how have you managed to make this post? 😕

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Re: Connected to router but no wifi

Hi @Lucylucy9, it may be worth double checking with your housemates as @jab1 mentions, firstly to check if they have any connection and secondly, if one of them is the account holder to let us know if there's any total loss of connection. From what you mention from the router lights these do correspond to an active connection at present. Drop me a PM if you need any further info.

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Re: Connected to router but no wifi

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