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Connect to 2.4 ghz on dual band

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Connect to 2.4 ghz on dual band

I have by home hub 6 which is dual band. Just bought a new smart power strip which can only connect to 2.4 ghz...failing to conn e t to do fi. How to ensure it can connect. I have not separated bandwidths assuming devices would find appropriate connection.

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Re: Connect to 2.4 ghz on dual band

Thanks for getting in touch.

Can you try splitting the 2.4GHz wireless frequency away from the 5GHz letting us know how it goes?

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Re: Connect to 2.4 ghz on dual band

It should connect without separating the bands but it would cost nothing to try.

It might help if you told us the make of power strip and what you have done to try to connect it.

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