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Confirming my setup/configuration of own kit

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Confirming my setup/configuration of own kit

Good morning,

I've just recently ordered a PN FTTC as my primary line and just want to confirm my setup will be correct as I won't be using the ISP provided hub.

I have a Huawei HG612 modem which will be left at reset factory defaults handing off to a MikroTIk RB3011 which I was planning on running a "simple" PPPoE client on.

I can't find anything definitive to say whether this will/won't work but have set up a BT FTTC service for my mother in this way which works well but wanted to ensure there were no PN specific settings I'd need.

Thanks in advance for any advice given.



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Re: Confirming my setup/configuration of own kit

Your proposed setup should work fine.

You'll just need to configure the PPPoE cleint with your Plusnet username/password. See here

Hope that helps

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Re: Confirming my setup/configuration of own kit

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Re: Confirming my setup/configuration of own kit


Hi there. If you would like to set up your own router to work with us this guide should help out:


Let us know if you have any further queries or issues.

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