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Can we use our own routers?

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Can we use our own routers?

The wireless signal for the plusnet hub one is very poor. I've checked channel availability walking around the house with wifi monitors etc. 

Can I replace with something like the D-Link DIR 882 ?

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Re: Can we use our own routers?

Yes - provided it's unlocked, is compatible as a modem/router with ADSL/VDSL(fibre).

But I think the D-Link DIR 882 is only a wireless router - you would need a separate modem.

Is your house too big or too many brick walls etc?

Channel availability is not your problem since the Hub One can provide all the possible channels.

You should find out the specific cause of the problem before splashing out £100+ on a new modem/router.


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Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Can we use our own routers?

Hi @ydrol, thanks for getting in touch. I'm sorry for the issues you have been having with your wireless signal. I've tested the line just to ensure there isn't anything underlying that may cause an issue; we're not detecting any faults and the speed is in sync at 40mb.


Though we can't give you advice on third party equipment, if you haven't already it may be worth splitting the routers wireless frequencies to see if that makes any improvements before looking to spend on a new router. I've provided a guide on this here for you.

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 Lauren Barry
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Re: Can we use our own routers?

Make sure you have the correct chipset for the cabinet as it makes a lot of difference.