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Can I set up old router for WiFi?

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Can I set up old router for WiFi?

Hi there,
Basically I switched to plusnet and installation was set up yesterday (17/6) however I have not been sent a router. I spoke to CS and they say one has now been dispatched but it could take 5 working days ( great start!).

I was with plusnet about 5 years ago when I first got broadband to my property. I have an old Technicolour TG582n router from then which I wondered if I can set up in the meantime? I've had a go but don't seem to be getting anywhere. The broadband light just keeps flashing. The WiFi light is on but when I try to connect my devices it says WiFi is not available on this network.
Any advice is welcome I'm a bit lost. I've tried turning the router on/off, re setting it and checking all the wires are plugged in correctly. That's the extent of my limited technical knowledge!
Thank you
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Re: Can I set up old router for WiFi?

If it is suitable for Fttc or ADSL then yes, can see no reason why not.

Ensure you are using your correct password and log in as


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Re: Can I set up old router for WiFi?



Hi @hel83


Sorry to hear that your router has been delayed.


Unfortunately, I suspect that the old technicolor you have is an ADSL router - now that you've upgraded to fibre, it won't be compatible.


The new router has definitely been dispatched now so should be with you soon - if you drop us a line when you're up and runing we'll ensure that you're credited for the downtime and that an appropriate gesture of goodwill is provided.


Best wishes