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Can I get a new PlusNet Router?

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Can I get a new PlusNet Router?

We still have our original 12 year old Thomson router. We get frequent drop outs and have to reboot it at least once per day.

Do Plusnet offer any free upgrades to newer routers? 

Or am I better off getting a BT Hub V6 or similar?



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Re: Can I get a new PlusNet Router?

@Sapphie See my reply on your other thread - you have done it no favours. You may be lucky if one of the Help Team spot this and get a Hub1. I have t ask though - if you have been with PN this long, have you never re-contracted? Usual practice on re-contacting is for them to offer a new device, or you can always ask for one at that point.

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Re: Can I get a new PlusNet Router?


If you can hang on for a couple of months then PlusNet may have made their new router available for general use. You might be in a strong postition to bag one - I doubt they'll be handed out willy nilly.


It's called the HubTwo and is basically a BT SmartHub2 with a few tweaks. This is the next one up from the BT HH6.