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Bufferbloat with DrayTek - how to configure

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Bufferbloat with DrayTek - how to configure

Hi all,

I'm using Plusnet with a Draytek 2865 router.

On my old Netgear D7000 router everything seemed okay re: bufferbloat, but now with the Draytek, things are different.

Speeds on the speedtest website are fine and the same as before (60+Mbps and 18Mbps upload), but the upload latency figures are very high. 

Whenever I use Google Drive to upload files, the internet grinds to a halt. Limiting the speeds in the Google Drive app doesn't seem to do anything.

Does anyone with a similar router have any advice to help me configure this one please?

I tried to follow guides but not much has changed. I tried to limit the bandwidth in the router settings but that didn't help either. Not sure why!

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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Re: Bufferbloat with DrayTek - how to configure

Firstly I suspect the problem is uplink saturation.

As a very rough opinion what does say for bufferbloat?

I get "B" which may or may not be good for a Draytek 2860 and 51Mb/s down 19Mb/s up on Plusnet.

A faster FTTP connection will give "A" with the same router. 

As for the specific question, as Google does everything via the browser it won't be easy to identify the Google Drive traffic and rate limit it.

Draytek have a guide to Quality of Service setup: Quality of Service setup guide (

If you are after protecting some internet for other devices you could reserve an IP address for the computer then rate limit that local address.

It was to prevent uplink saturation that got me to buy my first Draytek router when I had ADSL. It wasn't entirely successful but I got some crude controls that stopped the internet dieing when OneDrive decided to have a sync.

Have a play, even if you don't get a full fix you will learn a bit.




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