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Broken router, new one being sent out.

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Broken router, new one being sent out.

Hi, about 7am on the 6th the router stopped working just showing a constant green light, rang plusnet and they sent out someone from open reach who came on the 7th fitted a new double socket to the wall, put in a new dsl cable and left a card with his number to call if there was any problems. Everything worked as normal for the rest of the 7th and up until about 5pm on the 8th when the router began flashing green, changing to blue sometimes for a minute or two before flashing green again. Eventually it just stayed flashing green, restarting via the plug didn't change anything and the restart and reset buttons did nothing. The number the openreach person left ended service at 4pm, I also wasn't sure if it was the weather causing issues so I left it until the next day. Called the openreach person and he said the problem was the router and to contact plusnet who would send one out with next day delivery. Rang plusnet and had a tedious phone call in which the person wouldn't accept what openreach had said and had me pressing the reset button for nearly 30 minutes despite me telling him it does nothing before he finally said he would have send a new one out which was already known. I am not too happy about the waste of time.

I also received a text saying the router is going to be here in 3-5 days not the next day I was initially told. I've seen in some similar cases on the forums customers have been refunded for their downtime,is this something I would have to pursue? I don't look forward ringing up to ask for it.

It also seems based on other cases on the forums that a new router has been needed since I rang on the 6th and this is something they should know.

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Re: Broken router, new one being sent out.

@Jewely  Welcome to the forum.

Just to balance the hype fed to you by Openreach.

Plusnet send out their Hubs by First Class post. They never guarantee next day delivery. Such is the joys of using a budget market ISP.

Plusnet were and should still be sceptical whether this is a hub fault. It could be that Openreach are saying this to save looking any deeper in to the problem and Plusnet are just sending you a new one, as presumably you were demanding one.

If it doesn't work then do come back here for help.

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Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Broken router, new one being sent out.

Hiya @Jewely, thanks for getting in touch. I am really sorry for the issues being experienced with your service.


Based on the router lights you have advised you are seeing (flashing green) so long as set up all correctly, this does indicate a faulty router and can see a new one has been ordered.


If you give us a nudge on here once you are back online, we'd be happy to credit the downtime that you have encountered.

I am really sorry for the inconvenience caused in the meantime and please let us know if you have any further queries.

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