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Broadband problems

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Broadband problems

I just activated my router after having the engineer out a few days ago and my router/connection is very unstable and won't allow me to connect to the Internet for more than 2 minutes at a time.
YouTube seems to work, but any other site or app that I have cannot get connection.
When logging on my mobile it asks me to sign in, and takes me to a router management homepage. On this I've changed my password and then select the option "use router as is" and I appear to get connected. And while it shows as having a connection within 2 minutes nothing works and I have to do it all over again.
Any ideas on how to fix this or if its a problem with the router itself?
Tried phoning plusnet but can't get through to anyone in a call centre to discuss it at all.
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Re: Broadband problems

@Dkerr9024  Welcome to the forum.

Do a factory reset on the router by pushing a paperclip or similar in the reset hole. Keep the switch closed for 30 seconds. Leave it for 10 minutes to reboot.

If that fails then advise: Are the lights on the router changing?

Is this happening on just WiFi or also on a computer connected to the router via an Ethernet cable?

If you have a Plusnet Hub One and it's only a wireless problem have you tried splitting the two wireless bands and trying each in turn, see ?

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