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Broadband connection but NO WIFI

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Broadband connection but NO WIFI

Hi there,

My wifi connection disabled last night around 8pm. The router has been rebooted, unplugged etc all normal steps.

Broadband & internet light are luminated. The actual router itself isn't presenting on a wifi list on multiple devices.

Totally not tech savvy so laymans terms please! Thank you!!
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Re: Broadband connection but NO WIFI

Can you access it via a wired connection to check the WiFi settings?
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Re: Broadband connection but NO WIFI


Assuming that you have a Plusnet supplied router (and you haven't changed any of the default settings), depending on model there will be a way of resetting it by pressing a button.

If you do that and let it reconnect then you may find the WiFi comes back to life.


If the WiFi doesn't but the router seems to be otherwise working then it seems likely that the WiFi has broken for some reason (hardware fault).

If that is the case, you could buy and set up a new router. You might find someone you know will have something spare that will do the job (for example an old BT home hub) but that (or any other new router) will need some setting up.

Alternatively you might find, in return for a further contract period, Plusnet will send out a replacement router. That will know your account details and thus "just work" when plugged in but commits you to broadband with Plusnet for a while longer.

I am the satisfied customer....