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Blocking a device from accessing the internet TG582

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Blocking a device from accessing the internet TG582

The scenario - I need to be able to block my nephews phone/laptop from accessing the net


I know you can go into the router page and block via mac address which works perfectly well, but it's all very clunky and slow. I have to go to the site, go to home networking, go to access control and there's no simple ALLOW/DENY function. I need to tick the boxes for the time and then retick them when I want him to be able to use it. Sometimes I just want to block his access at a random time so this set up doesn't work. I've got some telnet commands I can use, but this just restricts connecting to the actually Wifi AP, but we have a few homeplugs around the house so this solution doesn't work.


Is there any other way to do this? Do thomson have an app to do this? I would just install a third party app on his phone, but he can uninstall it with ease. Damn techy kids.



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Re: Blocking a device from accessing the internet TG582

Hi there. Thanks for getting in touch.

I've had a look and I don't think it's possible to block a device from accessing the internet on the TG582n in the way you suggest. I've also looked into the parental controls of the newer router(Hub One) we offer nowadays and there doesn't seem to be an allow/deny button or similar however I've attached a screenshot below in case you think that it may do the job. 

If you'd like to upgrade to the Hub One I'd recommend giving our customer options team a call on 0800 013 2632 as we may need to recontract you in order to send one out free of charge.

I hope this helps.

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Re: Blocking a device from accessing the internet TG582

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