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Best Router/Modem solution with QoS | Low bufferbloat

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Best Router/Modem solution with QoS | Low bufferbloat

I'm looking for a combo or two seperate devices which will offer QoS solutions to minimize high latency due to bufferbloat.

I need real time software such as online gaming to be prioritised over streaming/downloading traffic.


What i've already looked at these would be my choices so far:

TP-Link AC1200 (£62) £62


Go all out:
Ubiquiti ER4 (£167) + Huawei HG612 (£20) £187


But if anyone has any good suggestions that fit anywhere inbetween these price points, please let me know.



Reduce lateny spikes due to bufferbloat over ethernet.


I really don't care much for WiFi, our phones are always on their data plans 4G which is very fast in my area.
The wireless devices in the house are mainly FireTV sticks, Echo dots, Tablets which operate perfectly fine on any normal 2.4/5ghz AC network. So Routers with improved ethernet capabilities over fancy WiFi are preffered.

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Re: Best Router/Modem solution with QoS | Low bufferbloat


Have a read of the following for the Draytek routers

Is this the kind of facility you are looking for ?

You may well be looking for something that is device based rather than protocol based which this seems capable of doing.


I've no practical experience of doing this however !




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