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Best 3rd Party Router - supporting Plusnet TV

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Best 3rd Party Router - supporting Plusnet TV

Now I have written off my TP-Link Archer VR2600 (AC2600) as it causes serious web browsing issues, I am looking at what 3rd party router I should get. My requirements are a minimum of 4 gigabit ethernet connections, fast Wifi (AC and capable of supporting about 15-20 simultaneous connections) and work with Plusnet TV multicast. I'm not interested in print server, USB storage servers or 4G modem backup as I have all these on different devices. My FTTC cab is made by Huawei. I would also like any new router to be capable of G.Fast if possible so I have some future proofing if Openreach ever enable it around here. Ideally it would be good to be able to get some decent stats from the router too - the Plusnet One Hub (like it sister BT hubs) is OK but too dumbed down in the information it provides for my liking.

Does anyone have an recommendations? I am tempted to spend more than I usually do this time as I seem to have issues with most routers. Currently I am thinking about a Draytek but open to suggestions.

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Re: Best 3rd Party Router - supporting Plusnet TV

Using Asus RT-AC86U 2018 with old bt open reach modem works fine with IPTV BT Sport channels with Plusnet.... 

was using before Asus DSL AC88U (modem router combined) for over 12 months with constant wifi drops and scrambled

IPTV channels pixellated and distorted sound... when viewing the channels... when not viewing the channels and having left the Plusnet youview channel on 101 BBC 1 HD all is fine, but leave it on a IPTV channel and all hell breaks loose with no wifi

takes some time to find out what has happened... until you turn back on the tv and change the channel...  so beaware of this 

if this is a model you are interested in, the above router only Asus RT-AC86U is a different machine night and day using all the above.... if you only need a good router without IPTV both are fine.