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BT homehub 6

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BT homehub 6


I have been using BT homehub quite reliably for over 6 months but recently it (assume) has become flaky with WiFi often showing no internet connection, happens with RJ45 as well
I have checked the hub and both network and internet show connected for last 6 days.

Is there anything else I can do to trace the issue? Plusnet say no disconnect their end
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Re: BT homehub 6


If you lose the Ethernet connection then it's unlikely to be anything to do with WiFi so talking about that is irrelevant.

If you go in to the Advanced/Technical Log/Event Log and search through it will tell you whether it has rebooted and if so the reason. So the next time it happens have a look and post the results.

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Re: BT homehub 6

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