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BT Hub 6- functionality has dropped

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Registered: ‎02-07-2020

BT Hub 6- functionality has dropped


I have used a BT hub 6 on our plus net account for around 8 months with no issues. It dropped out and failed to produce an internet signal 2 weeks ago. For ease plugged the plusnet one back in and internet works fine.

I have had time to reset and set up the bt hub again today. I have followed what I have done previously and also followed various guides however it does not function.

The lights are on and I can access the hub manager and update the broadband account etc. It flashes purple during this process as it should, however as soon as the cable is connected to the phone line but it goes orange. It fails to ‘connect’ when pushing connect on the advanced settings. Have tried before and after connecting to wall socket.

Is this just the hub breaking or am I missing some steps?