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BT HH 6 router very slow

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Registered: ‎26-03-2014

BT HH 6 router very slow

Hi I have been using a TP-Link TD-W9980 on my Plusnet Fibre broadband for several years without any issue until the wifi broke. I replaced the TP link with a BT HH6 and it mostly works fine except for when I start my computer it takes 2-3 mins to obtain the IP address. I have changed the DHCP setting to Static but it still performs the same. I switch on my PC and at the login page I have the network adapter shown as no internet access, after about 40 seconds the status changes to identifying network and then after about a minute the status shows Unidentified Network. Then after a further delay it finally shows the BT HH6 network as a private network. Once I have connected everything works fine until I reboot then I go through all the delays again.


If I change back to the TP-Link it connects the network immediately so I know its the HH 6. 

Has anybody else using this hub noticed anything similar?