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BT ECI modem compatible?

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BT ECI modem compatible?

Just checking that the modem I already have with BT fibre will be compatible with Plusnet when I switch; I've found it tricky to confirm that it's VDSL2 from Googling. It's an ECI B-Focus v-2Fub/r Rev B. I'm hoping the v-2 bit refers to VDSL2 but would appreciate it if anyone can confirm this. Thanks.

Moderator's note by Mike (Mav): Serial number and MAC removed from attachment.

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Re: BT ECI modem compatible?

If it works on BT it will work with PN, they use the same equipment.

PN also do a BT HH5 equivalent, the Hub One, they are both combined VDSL modem/routers, if want a one box solution.