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Asus RT-AC87U connect to One Hub

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Asus RT-AC87U connect to One Hub

Hi Folks,

New here and new to fibre! Been Plusnet customer for a few years and recently upgraded to fibre. Currently using Hub One which installed perfectly first time round, cable connection is fast but wireless strength is poor. Previously (before fibre) with Plusnet, used Asus RT-AC87U router and TP-Link ADSL2+ modem which both installed very easily with minimal manual intervention. This setup gave me fantastic/superior wireless coverage of the original Plusnet router. I am now looking to connect the Asus router to the Plus One router to improve wireless coverage without the need to do away with the Hub One and have to purchase a separate VDSL modem.

I have read a topic on here about this very topic that states "just connect a LAN cable from a LAN port on the Hub One to the WAN port on the Asus" and the answer appears to have been satisfactorily received and employed. HOWEVER, this is not the case for me! I have done a factory reset on the Asus and followed the simple instructions provided above but the Asus clearly does not see the Hub One. The Hub One continues to work fine, I just need better quality wireless.

Does anyone please have any further ideas?


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Re: Asus RT-AC87U connect to One Hub

Please can you log into your Asus router and check what 'WAN Connection Type' is currently configured?

See attached picture.


I suspect it will either be 'Automatic IP', or more likely 'PPPoE' where you also had to specify your plusnet username & password.


'PPPoE' option on Asus will not work with the Hub One, because the Hub One does not offer a 'bridge modem' mode.  If you want to use PPPoE, you will need a VDSL modem such as the ones provided by Openreach.









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