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Asus AC750 Router connection problem

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Asus AC750 Router connection problem


I am on Plusnet standard broadband (not fiber). The Plusnet supplied modem drives me nuts. I just bought an Asus Dual Band Wireless AC750 Router. The instructions that came with it suggest plugging it into the existing modem, which is the Plusnet one. To connect I am using my and my password, but every time it says that there is no connection. Everything else seems to work fine, and I am connecting to the Asus with a cable. 

Do you know if this Asus Router is compatible with Plusnet, or should I have got another model? I can return it and try again, if needed, but at the moment I cannot connect it. 

Thank you very much for your help,


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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Asus AC750 Router connection problem

Hi @fantabulosa1 


I've just had a look at the specs for the Asus Dual Band Wireless AC750 Router online and can see it is both ADSL & VDSL compatible, which explains why it states you may need to plug into the existing modem (I believe it is talking about the older Openreach Modems which were used before routers incorporated these into the same piece of kit). 


Could you try setting up with the Asus plugged directly into the Master Socket of your premise (via the Microfilter if you have an NTE5), negating the Plusnet router and any other hardware? 


Here is the info you will need to successfully authenticate to our network; 

To configure a third party router you will need to consult your manufacturer or your manual to gain access to your router and find the necessary pages.

Encapsulation Type:PPPoA (PPP over ATM)
Password: Your account password

Multiplexing Method: VC-MUX
VPI: 0
VCI: 38


Can you let me know if my assumption was correct and this worked? 







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Re: Asus AC750 Router connection problem


The Asus RT-AC51U is a router only (that's what RT stands for) so cannot be connected directly to the telephone line. It requires an external modem or a ADSL modem router in bridge mode to connect to the phone line. I don't believe the PlusNet Hub Zero (If that is what the OP is using) can be configured in this way so cannot be used.

@fantabulosa1 You need to return the ASUS and get a combined  ADSL2+ modem/router.

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Re: Asus AC750 Router connection problem

@fantabulosa1 I'd suggest you try a BT HH6 - they can be bought on eBay brand new for £30 and give a much better wifi signal and are also dual band.

A lot of PN customers use them as an alternative to the very average single band 2704n router.

They plug straight into your phone socket, so the old router can go in the bin.

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Re: Asus AC750 Router connection problem

The ethernet port on dsl modem has to to go to the WAN port on the router.

on computer enter asus gui and use Quick Internet Setup (QIS)

all you need is PN username and PW in the settings.

Have the DSL-AC88U and used as standalone wifi router

with BT modem and it will connect to Plusnet.