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Any hub 2 delays

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Registered: ‎25-01-2022

Any hub 2 delays

We upgraded to fibre with the hub 2 10 days ago. The £6.99 postage came out straight away but no sign of router. Are there any delivery issues at the moment ?

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Re: Any hub 2 delays

I queried non delivery of my Hub Two router a few days ago and got this reply

"I am really sorry the router has not yet arrived, it looks like the order wasn't fully complete. I'm very sorry about this and have now completed the order so you can expect the router within the next 3-5 working days I will pass on feedback internally about the error", 

so I think there's some problems in the ordering process.


P.S. It arrived today.

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Re: Any hub 2 delays

@yorkie1 sorry about that. There are indeed some issues with the dispatch process, particulalry where there's an account change between Fibre and Fibre Extra (ref: IMT-7596).

I've nudged things along and you should have your hub Saturday or Monday all being well (and assuming there are no Royal Mail delays in your area).

Bob Pullen
Plusnet Product Team
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