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Another user with 5Ghz issues

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Another user with 5Ghz issues


I am experiencing poor wireless connectivity and have been for a while, I have ran regular speed tests from my phone which vary wildly from 57Mb/s to 1Mb/s, with a 'typical speed of 20-30Mb/s. I am aware of all of the variables that can affect the speed of wireless transmission, but sometimes when I run a speed test while connected via a wireless connection the speed can show 20Mb/s the hub speed will show 65Mb/s+.


I am using an IPTV running on a firestick that frequently buffers. The buffering coincides with a slow speed test, surely this inconsistency shouldn't be happening?


I have tried splitting the 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz frequencies (including changing the SSID), but due to the firmware on the hub (ends in 263), I am having issues using the 5Ghz network. It works temporarily, but then kicks any devices off. Is there a firmware update available yet? If not, are you able to roll my firmware back to an earlier version? This has been a known problem for months, I am surprised that there isn't a solution yet.


I have tried contacting Plusnet via FB messenger but I just get some pretty generic 'use a wired connection to run a speed test' response. This is great, but I reckon the vast majority of people use a wireless connection most of the time opposed to a wired one.


I'm not disputing the speed provided to the hub, more the poor speed via WiFi.


A bit of info on the house/devices and users:


New build house so no big stone walls, Hub located in hallway (central location). Philips Hue hub and Hive hub are connected via an Ethernet cable.

Devices usually connected via WiFi:

2 x iPhones

1 x TV

1 x 2Tb Sky Q Box

1 x Sky Mini Box

2 x Hive Thermostats and receivers

3 x Amazon Echos

1 x Chromecast (Powered off unless in use which is occasional)

1 x Firestick 

1 x Xbox (Very occasionally, powered off at wall when not in use)

2 x Philips Hue Bulbs

6 x Hive Bulbs


Would a BT Hub 6 be any better? 


Any advice would be appreciated!

Posts: 3
Registered: ‎20-01-2019

Re: Another user with 5Ghz issues

Also worth noting that I have used WifiInfoView to check for other networks nearby. The Sky network is a neighbour, and the second one down is the Firestick. 

I am currently sat in my living room on my laptop and as you can see the average signal quality is excellent so I am confident that range isn't an issue. 

I have also tried changing the channel to channel 6, but there is no noticeable difference.



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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Another user with 5Ghz issues

Hi @DomAllgood,

I'm sorry to hear that you're experiencing issues with the Wi-Fi connections. There's a lot of devices you've got on the go there and in particular I've noticed you've mentioned there's Hive devices in the setup. I can't say this with 100% certainty and it is a suggestion to be sure, but it's possible that the source of wireless signal interference could be coming from these devices, as it's been a problem in the past. It may be worth removing these from the equation for some time to see if the same problems continue.

In regards to the IPTV buffering, this is something that can happen for a multitude of reasons and more often than not is down to how things are setup. It's not something we can offer support for, so I would recommend looking into this separately as it may be unrelated to the wireless signal and there's a wealth of knowledge elsewhere on the internet for this.

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Re: Another user with 5Ghz issues

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