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Amazon Firestick refuses to connect to Wi-Fi

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Amazon Firestick refuses to connect to Wi-Fi

Hi there

The stick was working fine for a year on my previous provider/router (Sky). Since moving to Plusnet, the stick refuses to connect to wi-fi. 'Password not recognised'. Obviously I have double-checked my password! Smiley

Any ideas please?


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Re: Amazon Firestick refuses to connect to Wi-Fi

Ah! But as you've not triple checked.... The network you are connecting to and the password you are using should of course be the one that is on the side or card of your Plusnet Router. Fat fingering a password via a remote control on a screen based keyboard is a lot easier than it sounds. If the password is 100% correct then I'd suggest a reset of the fire stick, this will give you a clean sheet to work from. There is no reason as to why the device should suddenly fail just because you've changed provider, so I'd take the message as being correct.

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Re: Amazon Firestick refuses to connect to Wi-Fi

The other option is to log in to the router and alter the wifi password. You can then type this new password on to the firestick and see if that works.

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