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Alternatives to Hub one

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Alternatives to Hub one

Would welcome some advice please as I'm due to move from ADSL to Fibre next week.

I did have a search through posts on here but apologies if this is the 94th time this has been asked. The posts that came up in the search are quite old.

I currently have a TP Link Archer D20 which has been great for the last 3 years and was not expensive. It won't work with fibre I believe. So if the Hub one is not that great in terms of range or reliability is there an alternative anyone would recommend that i could buy instead in the £50ish prince range.

Most recommendations onn here are 2nd hand BT hub 6's which for me is a last resort. I worry about the fact these are 2nd hand. My experience is that routers only last so long so I might end up having to replace it soon and would rather get to a point where I can leave it set up and undisturbed for a while


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Re: Alternatives to Hub one

I bought a tp-link TD-W9970 v3 before our switch. With the help over at the kitz forums @ejs and others, you can have access to all the connection stats. Only problem I’ve found with it was that the ADSL connection has a bit of extra noise on the line, VDSL has been rock solid though.
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Re: Alternatives to Hub one

Quite a few on here use the Smarthub 6 they can be bought new for not a lot from a well known auction site, Plusnet setup instructions are here just be aware the stats are pretty basic.